Marc Gooris: Visual design HydroNET

Op 6 juni 2016 gepubliceerd door Bianca Dijkshoorn

In august 2015 I started my internship as a user experience designer at HydroLogic. I have always been interested in creating websites and photoshop surrealistic images. I was looking for a graduation internship and found out through Robin Ganpat that HydroLogic was looking for a visual designer. The job that HydroLogic offered was a great opportunity to improve and challenge my visual design skills.

Improved user experience

It is my task to find a solution in order to provide a better user experience for the users of the HydroNET web-portal. I have divided the design process into four phases. The first phase is mainly focused on conducting research. I look at the current design, usability and accessibility of the HydroNET web-portal, found out who the users of HydroNET are and new design trends such as Google’s material design.

The second phase consists of creating different kind of medium independent concepts. Each of these concepts can be applied to the current HydroNET web-portal. The concepts are based on the found research results and the value proposition of HydroNET.

The third phase consists of visualizing a concept. This is done by creating a site map, flowcharts, wireframes and lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes. These lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes are tested with the users which takes us into the last phase of the design process.

The last phase consists of evaluating the created products. This is done by letting the users use the new design and look at their behavior. I will use screen and video capture software to record the users expression. The results of the tests are documented in the advisory document.

Results used for improvement visual design

I just finished the first phase of the design process and am ready to move on to the second phase. The research was done by conducting desk and field research. These consisted of in-depth interviews with the stake holders of HydroLogic, creating a trend analysis, a SWOT-analysis and a content audit. I found out that the HydroNET web-portal has a weak usability and that the visual design is outdated. The results of these methods are documented in the research paper which I delivered to HydroLogic. These results are used to create a new concept and substantiate design choices in further deliverables.

20151212_110218       DSCN3113-018

Marc Gooris (rechtsboven rechts, andere foto’s met camera tijdens de HydroLogic hackathon2015)

ICT en Media design, Hogeschool van Utrecht

(Marc is inmiddels afgestudeerd en een van onze collega’s)